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Sugoola™ Back You Up Apron

Sugoola™ Back You Up Apron

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The spacious pouch featured in the Sugoola™ Back You Up Apron removes the necessity of carrying an additional container, allowing you to have hands-free access while gathering essentials for your chores.

The Sugoola™ Back You Up Apron offers versatility tailored to your needs with two distinct designs. The pink variant boasts waterproof features and a large pocket, making it perfect for storing wet or dry clothes without worry. On the other hand, the net design provides breathability and a spacious pocket, ensuring that wet clothes won't develop musty odors, making it an ideal choice for gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're working in the garden or tackling household chores, Sugoola™ Back You Up Apron has you covered with aprons designed for every purpose.

The Sugoola™ Back You Up Apron offers a hands-free solution for carrying various items, enhancing convenience during tasks. With its innovative design, you can effortlessly store and access essentials without needing to use your hands, making chores and activities more efficient and convenient. Whether you're gardening, cleaning, or multitasking around the house, this apron ensures you have everything you need within easy reach, freeing up your hands for other tasks.

The Sugoola™ Back You Up Apron boasts an impressive large pocket capable of accommodating weights of up to 5kg. Whether you're carrying your laundry, tools, supplies, or harvests from your garden, this ample capacity ensures you have ample room for all your essentials without the need for additional bags or containers.

Featuring its unique mesh design, ensures breathability, preventing wet clothes from developing musty smells. Perfect for gardening, this apron allows dirt and mud to easily fall away, keeping you comfortable and clean while you work. With its versatile functionality, it's an essential accessory for anyone who needs a reliable and convenient solution for outdoor activities and household chores alike.

Made from heavy duty oxford cloth, the Sugoola™ Back You Up Apron boasts a water-resistant liner, reinforced with double stitching and sturdy top and bottom hems. Its adjustable cross-over back straps ensure even distribution of loads, while being conveniently machine washable for easy care. It also features a spacious pocket capable of accommodating up to 5kg, and wide shoulder straps that offer full support without straining your back, it ensures comfort and efficiency even during heavy-duty tasks. 

The Sugoola™ Back You Up Apron comes equipped with an insulated layer in the middle, providing essential protection against the cold that often accompanies wet clothes. This thoughtful feature ensures that your stomach stays warm and comfortable, even during damp and chilly tasks. With its innovative design, this apron offers both practicality and comfort, making it an indispensable companion for a variety of outdoor and indoor activities.

Whether you're tending to your garden, harvesting fruits and berries, pruning flowers, landscaping outdoors, holding gardening tools, or simply tidying up indoors, don this stylish Sugoola™ Back You Up Apron. Crafted from durable canvas, this versatile apron features a spacious kangaroo-style pouch at the front, equipped with quick-release pocket for effortless emptying.

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