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GFOUK™ ClearEar Tinnitus Relief Spray

GFOUK™ ClearEar Tinnitus Relief Spray

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Listen Confidently!

We provide you with the assurance and support to embrace your daily experiences, ensuring that your listening performance remains at its best.

Understanding Tinnitus and How does it affect your life?

Tinnitus is a condition characterized by the perception of sound when there is no external source of it. People with tinnitus often experience continuous or occasional sounds such as ringing, buzzing, hissing, or whistling in one or both ears. The intensity of these sounds can vary.


Tinnitus is actually one of the most prevalent health conditions worldwide, affecting approximately 10 to 15% of the global population on a regular basis.


The effects of tinnitus on daily life can vary greatly from one person to another. While some individuals might consider it a minor annoyance that they can easily ignore or cope with, for others, it can have a significant impact on their overall quality of life. Here are several ways in which tinnitus can affect daily life:

1. Emotional Effects: Tinnitus can cause feelings of annoyance, frustration, anxiety, and depression due to the continuous sound presence and the challenges involved in seeking relief.

2. Sleep Interruption: Tinnitus can disrupt sleep patterns, making it difficult to both fall asleep and stay asleep, leading to tiredness and hindering daily functioning.

3. Concentration and Focus: Tinnitus can create difficulties when trying to concentrate on tasks that require mental focus, potentially affecting performance at work or in academic pursuits.

4. Communication Difficulties: Tinnitus may impair the ability to hear and understand conversations, especially in noisy environments, leading to social isolation or difficulty in interacting with others.

It's essential to understand that the impact of tinnitus can vary from individual to individual. While there is currently no known cure for tinnitus, this is where GFOUK™ ClearEar Tinnitus Relief Spray can provide support.

Discover GFOUK™ ClearEar Tinnitus Relief Spray


GFOUK™ ClearEar Tinnitus Relief Spray aims to provide enduring relief from the sensation of ringing and buzzing in the ears. Additionally, it seeks to decrease the occurrence of associated symptoms like headaches, migraines, dizziness, nausea, and the inconvenience of diminished hearing. This can contribute to an improved overall state of well-being and alleviate any potential embarrassment arising from difficulties in hearing clearly.


Dr. Marian Flannagan, a board-certified otolaryngologist practicing at the New Hampshire University Medical Center in Massachusetts, along with several other ENTs, has identified GFOUK™ ClearEar Tinnitus Relief Spray as a groundbreaking solution for individuals whose tinnitus remains a persistent issue. While some individuals may experience a reduction in symptoms or even complete relief over time, others continue to struggle with the significant impact of tinnitus on their daily lives. GFOUK™ is recognized as a highly effective over-the-counter remedy, providing relief from tinnitus and its associated symptoms.

Formulated with Natural Ingredients

Exceptionally gentle, effective, and of the highest therapeutic grade, this premium Tinnitus Relief Spray stimulates the body's natural defenses instead of masking symptoms like ear noise, ringing, buzzing, roaring, and humming.


Ginkgo Biloba is a natural supplement commonly used for various health concerns, including tinnitus. It is thought to improve blood circulation and provide neuroprotective benefits, potentially helpful for individuals dealing with tinnitus.


Mullein is recognized for its well-established emollient and astringent properties, making it an excellent choice for addressing delicate ear conditions. Mullein flowers can help reduce inflammation, provide relief from associated pain, and potentially accelerate the healing process.


Lavender essential oil is well-known for its calming and soothing properties. Some individuals find that inhaling or gently applying diluted lavender oil around the ears can help reduce stress, promote a feeling of relaxation, and potentially alleviate tinnitus symptoms. This may offer relief from discomfort and reduce sensitivity to noise in the ears.


Sophora Flavescens, also known as Kushen or Sophora root, is a traditional Chinese herbal remedy with a rich history of use in traditional medicine for various purposes, including its potential effects on tinnitus. When applied topically, it allows active compounds to penetrate the skin, promoting improved blood circulation, reducing headaches, and potentially decreasing sensitivity to ear-related sounds.

Benefits Of GFOUK™ ClearEar Tinnitus Relief Spray

GFOUK™ ClearEar Tinnitus Relief Spray is designed to penetrate the ear canal and target the affected area, helping to alleviate symptoms associated with ear-related tinnitus such as ringing, buzzing, tapping, and ear discomfort. With the help of GFOUK™ ClearEar, individuals can find relief from the distressing sounds in their ears and experience a sense of tranquility. 

Finding relief from tinnitus can bring numerous benefits, significantly improving one's quality of life. It has shown several potential advantages in alleviating tinnitus symptoms.

What People Are Saying About GFOUK™ ClearEar Tinnitus Relief Spray

Our ability to hear is crucial for our connection to the world and our interactions with others. Now, let's hear what our customers have to say about how GFOUK™ has improved their hearing abilities.


"I first noticed a continuous ringing in my ears a few years ago, and at the beginning, I thought it might be due to factors like lack of sleep or other potential causes. However, as time went on, the ringing persisted, and even my doctor couldn't definitively explain it. That's when she suggested I see an audiologist for thorough testing. After undergoing various tests, the audiologist proposed hearing aids as a potential solution. About three years ago, I came across GFOUK™, and it provided some relief from the ringing. Unfortunately, I stopped using it, and the ringing came back. It was during that break that I realized how effective the product was, so I resumed using it. I'm thrilled to say that now, the ringing has significantly decreased. Additionally, I've noticed an improvement in my ability to hear conversations, and I no longer need to turn up the volume on my car stereo or phone to uncomfortably high levels, which others might find too loud. Previously, I relied on earphones with audio amplification when not using this product, but now, they're no longer necessary." – Kendra Jacobs from Los Angeles, California

"Dealing with constant ear ringing for my entire life, I had little hope that any solution could bring relief. However, after a four-week course of using GFOUK™, I'm amazed at the significant difference it has made. The loudness and intensity of the sounds in my head have reduced by approximately 55-80 percent. This product has unquestionably improved my quality of life, and I genuinely expect the improvement to continue. I wholeheartedly recommend it to people going through similar challenges." – Elaine Marshall from Brockton, Massachusetts

"I used to experience occasional tinnitus episodes once or twice a day, which were more of an annoyance than a significant concern. Initially, I had reservations, but I decided to try GFOUK™. To my amazement, it not only relieved my dizziness but also reduced the ear ringing. Following the recommended usage, I can confidently say that the tinnitus has nearly disappeared. Now, I may experience it only 1-3 times a week at most, and some weeks, it doesn't occur at all. I am extremely pleased with the results and highly satisfied with this product." – George Hamilton from Las Vegas, Nevada


Product Specifications:

  • Net Weight: 60mL
  • Shelf Life: 3 years

Instructions for Use:

  1. Shake the bottle thoroughly before each use to ensure the ingredients are well mixed.
  2. Remove the cap from the bottle.
  3. Hold the bottle upright and position the nozzle near the entrance of your affected ear.
  4. Gently squeeze the bottle to release a few drops of the solution into your ear canal. Be cautious not to insert the nozzle too deeply into the ear.
  5. Allow the solution to remain in your ear for the duration specified in the product instructions, typically ranging from a few minutes to several minutes.
  6. Once the recommended time has elapsed, tilt your head to the side or use a tissue to gently drain any excess solution from your ear.
  7. If necessary, repeat the process for the other ear.
  8. After each use, make sure to securely replace the bottle cap and store it in a cool, dry place.


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