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flysmus™ Dual Action Full Coverage Foundation Stick

flysmus™ Dual Action Full Coverage Foundation Stick

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Two steps to makeup!

Our flysmus™ Dual Action Full Coverage Foundation Stick is a sure way to lighten up a busy woman's makeup routine. It has a 2-in-1 function and a dual-tip design. It not only has an automatic color adjustment function, but also includes a brush makeup process. Just two makeup steps and you're get easy to go! Easy, convenient and fast are the essence of flysmus™ Dual Action Full Coverage Foundation Stick!

Why chose flysmus™ Dual Action Full Coverage Foundation Stick?

Lightweight yet provides full coverage for dark circles, fine lines, acne marks, pockmark, red blood streaks, large pores and other imperfections. It can also help improve dull areas and give the skin a bright, delicate, smooth, and transparent look.

Cost-effectiveness on brush

The brush is super dense and made of approximately 1000+ natural artificial hairs (No animal ingredients includes). It applies foundation evenly on the skin. Just apply a small foundation, the brush can cover the whole faceAbsolutely use for long time available.

Flexible in different skin tone 

The foundation has microencapsulated pigments that can automatically adjust perfectly skin tone based on the personal PH level of the skin. If you frequently sweep the foundation on face by brush for 3 more times, the color pigments will be released and the effect of colour changing will be more significant. Achieve natural beauty.

24 hrs water-resistant

The foundation also covered titanium dioxide that create a film or barrier on the skin's surface helping to repel water and sweat and preventing smudging or smearing. Furthermore, it maintains the integrity of the makeup, ensuring it stays in place even in humid or wet conditions.

24 hrs long-lasting

The foundation has nicotinamide ingredient that can help control excessive oiliness on the skin for  longer-lasting and shine-free finish.


The foundation combined aloe vera that help to moisturize and hydrate the skin, contributing to a smoother and more plumped appearance. This hydration can also prevent makeup from appearing dry or cakey on the skin.

Suitable for different skin types

It has hyaluronic acid, is generally well-tolerated and suitable for various skin types like dry, oily, and sensitive skin. It is lightweight and non-greasy, making it suitable for use in lightweight makeup formulations.


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