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Furzero™ Lushilly Rapid Growth Magnetic Eyelashes Kit

Furzero™ Lushilly Rapid Growth Magnetic Eyelashes Kit

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Here are some of our satisfied customers who have experienced success with the Furzero™ Lushilly Rapid Growth Magnetic Eyelashes Kit.

“Finally, a natural look that is eye-popping without having to glue on false eyelash glue. I stumbled upon the Furzero™ Lushilly Rapid Growth Magnetic Eyelash Kit. They are so easy to apply and feel just like mascara or false lashes. They last all day and are easy to remove at night. Since there are 6 magnets, I just trimmed one to the edge of the next and I found that in just a few weeks of use, it not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. It has given me long, thick, curly and natural looking lashes. The kit has even made my natural lashes longer, making it look like I was born with them.” - Carmela Karns

“These are perfect, the "magnetic part" is like an eyeliner ...... Just be sure to let it dry completely and these lashes will continue to grow. I found that over time my natural lashes became brittle and thin. However, the Furzero™ Lushilly Rapid Growth Magnetic Eyelash Kit has dramatically changed my eyelash routine. It holds your lashes in place and you can reuse it over and over again. Not only did it nourish my lashes, but it also transformed my lashes from sparse and brittle to long and thick. It's magnetic feature makes the application process easier and the false lashes come off naturally even when I go for a run and get sweaty. This kit has become my go-to solution for fuller, healthier lashes without compromising their natural state.” - Alisha Thompson

The Furzero™ Lushilly Rapid Growth Magnetic Eyelashes Kit employs magnetic technology to securely affix the lashes, ensuring a swift and efficient application. The distinctive design fosters accelerated lash growth, ultimately enhancing the overall appearance.

Lab-Tested Magnetic Eyeliner

Discover the pinnacle of magnetic eyeliner technology with our carefully crafted, American-made formulas. Our magnetic liners have been rigorously tested by America's leading cosmetic testing laboratories and are guaranteed to be 100% safe. The eyeliner is made from natural ingredients and does not cause damage to the eyelash follicles, allowing them to regenerate healthily. Enriched with micromagnetic particles, these lashes defy gravity, ensuring they stay firmly in place even as you wink confidently to attract a crowd.

Ultra-Fine Magnetic Eyeliner Particle Technology

The magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kit includes a unique eyeliner formulation with an abundance of ultra-fine magnetic particles. This eyeliner strongly adheres to the magnetic lashes, ensuring a secure and lasting hold while also promoting the rapid growth of natural eyelashes. Say goodbye to concerns about embarrassing lash mishaps, as this specialized eyeliner provides reliable support.

Feather-Light Elegance

The Furzero™ Lushilly Rapid Growth Magnetic Eyelashes Kit is renowned for its lightweight design. These eyelashes provide a comfortable and natural feel, ensuring an effortless and enjoyable wearing experience. The lightweight nature adds to the overall comfort, making them ideal for all-day wear without any heaviness or discomfort.

Enhanced Eyelashes Growth

The magnetic gel in the Furzero™ Lushilly Rapid Growth Magnetic Eyelashes Kit serves a dual purpose by promoting eyelash growth and providing a secure adhesive for false lashes. This unique feature not only enhances the natural growth of lashes but also ensures a reliable and lasting attachment of false eyelashes, offering users a comprehensive solution for achieving both length and volume in their lashes.

Reusable Eyelashes 30X

Crafted with precision, the Furzero™ Lushilly Rapid Growth Magnetic Eyelashes Kit is formulated to stimulate swift lash growth and strengthen your lashes through a sophisticated blend. At the core of this formula are nurturing properties that not only expedite lash growth but also fortify them, preventing breakage and brittleness for resilient and healthy lashes.

Brow Dryer Test - Your Lashes won't fall NO MATTER WHAT!

What Makes The Furzero™ Lushilly Rapid Growth Magnetic Eyelashes Kit Be The GREAT CHOICE:

Stimulates Swift Eyelash Growth

Effectively Enhances the Health, Length & Thickness of Eyelashes

Fosters Eyelash Growth & Offers A Secure Adhesive For False Lashes

Nourishes Follicles & Stimulates New Hair Growth

Ensures Long-Lasting Results

Encourages Smooth & Lustrous Eyelashes

Attain Naturally Alluring Eyes

Comprised of 100% Natural Ingredients

Here are some of our happy customers:

"The Furzero™ Lushilly Rapid Growth Magnetic Eyelashes Kit has made a notable difference in the health of my lashes. In contrast to other artificial lashes that harmed my natural ones, using this magnetic eyeliner kit has been a positive experience. It consistently lengthened and curled my lashes with each application, offering a variety of fake lash volumes to choose from. More than a month into using it, I can confidently say that here's how my eyelashes look now even without fake ones. I'm truly impressed by how this kit has positively enhanced the overall appearance of my lashes."- Dolly Fletcher

“I've consistently used fake eyelashes, and the Furzero™ Lushilly Rapid Growth Magnetic Eyelashes Kit has elevated my lash routine. Apart from delivering stunning false lashes, this kit introduces an additional feature that contributes to the health and length of my natural lashes. It's a significant enhancement for me, addressing both my desire for a glamorous look with fake lashes and the well-being of my natural lashes. I appreciate the holistic approach this kit takes, offering a dual benefit for a complete lash enhancement.” - Kiara Hubbard


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