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GFOUK™ SparkArmor 50m Volt Guardian Ring

GFOUK™ SparkArmor 50m Volt Guardian Ring

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Here are Some of Our Customers Using GFOUK™ SparkArmor 50m Volt Guardian Ring

"Venturing into new and unfamiliar places always made me anxious, since I started carrying this ring, my confidence has soared. This discreet tool provides me with a sense of security. It's become my safety net, empowering me to explore without constant worry, knowing I have a reliable defense at my fingertips when needed"

- Stephanie Monroe, 30 Years Old | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Working at odd hours means I'm often navigating dimly lit paths while it's still dark outside, heightening my fear each time I step out. However, having the SparkArmor 50m Volt Guardian Ring with me has been a true relief. Its discreet design and powerful defense give me a sense of security, making those nighttime walks far less intimidating. Now, I feel more at ease, knowing I have a reliable tool by my side."

- Eloise Sinclair, 33 Years Old | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Empower Your Safety with 50,000,000 Volt Guardian Ring

Elevate your confidence and safe with GFOUK™ SparkArmor 50m Volt Guardian Ring. A sleek double-point design conceals a powerful self-defense mechanism—50 million volts ready at your fingertips. Stylish for everyday wear, yet fierce in protection, this ring empowers you with discreet security. No need to draw; simply make a fist for intuitive, effective defense. Fashion meets function with VoltGuard™, your chic and potent ally for personal safety.

Unleash 50 Million Volts for Ultimate Self-Defense Power

Surpassing the potency of conventional stun guns, this discreet accessory delivers a staggering 50,000,000 volts of electricity. Just a fraction of a second's contact initiates muscle contractions, creating a powerful repelling effect against potential threats. Elevate your security by donning multiple rings, layering protection seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Effortless Protection with One-Button Activation

Our self-defense ring epitomizes simplicity and efficiency. A single button activation ensures swift readiness, allowing you to respond instantly to potential threats. Experience the ease of being prepared at all times, without any complications. 

Unique Stings Design

The ring is made of stainless steel and features its sharp, pointed edges and fierce aesthetics making it a formidable self-defense tool. These rings have a distinct point which can break through glass and even grazing your skin with the point will have you go yelping in pain. It can be used to protect oneself in case of an emergency. It is designed to be stylish and discreet, so it can be worn at all times without drawing attention to itself. 

Small and Compact

It’s perfect for those who exercise outdoors or walk to and from their car. If you’re looking for a self-defense ring that is both small and compact, consider the GFOUK™ SparkArmor 50m Volt Guardian Ring. It features a pair of beveled tips that are soft to the touch but fierce on a fist. The ring is durable and lightweight, making it easy to wear quickly for providing non-stop immediate protection. You can easily carry it in your wallet, necklace, or keychain.

Effortlessly Concealable Security at Your Fingertips

Designed to masquerade as an everyday fashion accessory, our Defender Ring seamlessly combines style with strength. Its unassuming appearance conceals a formidable power, surpassing the capabilities of traditional stun guns. Despite its compact size, this ring is a force to be reckoned with. Keeping you primed and ready for any situation that demands swift action.

Rechargeable Stun Ring

It has a built-in plug for charging and a charging dock equipped with a high-quality internal battery that is fully rechargeable. The battery can remain charged for 30-45 days unless you use it. Cables are provided in standard outlets which allows hassle free charging, so you don’t need to purchase any expensive batteries all the time.


These rings are finely crafted and of high quality making it durable and can withstand harmful conditions like water splash and dirt. Clearly a must-have for everyone who takes high regard of their safety and fashion at the same time.

Here Are More of Our Happy Customers

"I was constantly worried about my safety when walking alone, especially during late hours. However, since I started carrying this very ring, my concerns have significantly diminished. Its discreet design and powerful defense mechanisms offer me peace of mind, knowing I have a reliable tool to enhance my safety whenever I'm on the go. This ring has truly transformed my sense of security and has become an essential part of my daily routine."

- Calliope Matthews, 31 Years Old | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"The fear of being alone in an unfamiliar environment was daunting, but this product has been my source of reassurance. Its powerful defense capabilities ease my worries about safety, particularly in this new setting. What I adore most about it is the waterproof and lightweight design, it's a relief to know it remains reliable no matter the weather, and its lightweight nature makes it effortless to carry around."

- Katherine Ethans, 30 Years Old | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Colours: Silver & Black

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