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StopWalking Parthenon Anti Vibration Order Feet

StopWalking Parthenon Anti Vibration Order Feet

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Our innovative StopWalking Parthenon Anti-Vibration Order Feet prevent any movement by providing 80% more floor contact compared to similar pads. It also feature a unique large suction grip for added stability and absorption.

The StopWalking Parthenon Anti-Vibration Order Feet is engineered for unrivaled stability and shock absorption. With advanced anti-slip features, these feet firmly anchor your washing machine in place, eliminating unwanted movement and disruptions. Say farewell to the hassle of constantly readjusting your appliance and enjoy a seamlessly steady laundry routine.

The micro-grip traction pattern of our shock-absorbing pad diminishes floor movement caused by your washer or dryer, significantly minimizing the transmission of vibrations to the floor. This helps safeguard your floor against scuffs and scratches.

The StopWalking Parthenon Anti-Vibration Order Feet features an adjustable height and effortless control with a 360° spiral lift mechanism, allowing for unparalleled flexibility and ease of adjustment. Whether you need to raise or lower the height, this innovative design ensures seamless operation, providing convenience and adaptability to meet your specific needs.

No need for tools or messy adhesives! The installation process is straightforward. Lift each corner of the machine and smoothly slide the noise-absorbing pads into their designated spots. This hassle-free method not only ensures ease of installation but also guarantees effective absorption of vibrations and reduction of noise, contributing to a quieter and more comfortable environment.

Rubber pads designed to cancel shock and noise from washing machines are versatile, serving not only as supports for appliances like washing machines and refrigerators but also as protective buffers for furniture legs. Their multi-functional design helps prevent floor scratches and ensures stability for various furniture items.

The washing machine foot pad comprises high-quality resin fiber plastic and TPU glue, boasting excellent load-bearing capacity, toughness, wear resistance, as well as moisture and corrosion resistance. These features ensure long-term durability and reliable performance, promising extended service life.

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