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GFOUK™ Terminal Removal Tool Kit

GFOUK™ Terminal Removal Tool Kit

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Upgrade your toolbox with the Terminal Removal Tool Kit - the ultimate solution for hassle-free wire plug and connector extraction! Say goodbye to damaged wires and pins with this versatile kit.

The Terminal Removal Tool Kit is a universal tool kit with different pin keys (single pins, double pins, and casting tools) for all connector terminals which can be used for cars, motorcycles, other electronic devices, etc.

 1. Simple to Apply: Just insert, push, and pull the wire out instantly without damaging the pins & wires! Even more effective than prying connectors apart with a screwdriver!

2. Effortless Terminal Removal: Terminal Removal Tool Kit removes terminal wires from the connectors without causing any damage.  

3. Easy to Use: No need to pry the terminals! just insert our Terminal Removal Tool Kit, push and pull the terminal pins for removal. Our tool provides extra leverage so you can easily remove the wire.

4. Universal: Terminal Removal Tool Kit offers single, double pin extractors and casting tools of different sizes to fit any terminal.

5. High Quality Material: Made of premium steel spring plate and ABS plastic. Terminal Removal Tool Kit is flexible and durable.

6. Wide Application: For most connector terminal which can be used for most cars, motorcycles, and other electronic devices such as household appliances. 


11pcs X GFOUK™ Terminal Removal Tool Kit
26pcs X GFOUK™ Terminal Removal Tool Kit
36pcs X GFOUK™ Terminal Removal Tool Kit

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