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GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device

GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device

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Before we Introduce the Product, here are some Positive Results and Reviews from Our Customers

"I was looking frantically for a non-invasive technique to address my round face and plump neck, since I was feeling rather self-conscious about them. I discovered the GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device at that point. I found myself drawn to it since I could just apply it just before bed and wake up feeling refreshed and having a more defined and sculpted appearance. And to my surprise, I began to see an incredible changes in my neck area after just a few weeks of constant use. It really did wonders, giving my face a more pronounced "V" shape. I was shocked by the outcome!" - Dianne Clarita

"I find myself bending over a sewing machine for several hours every day because I love to sew and stitch. But as time passed, I couldn't help but notice that my neck was drooping and growing more fluff. Before I discovered the GFOUK™  VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device, it was really depressing. I was amazed by how precisely it targeted the problematic spots on my neck and face. I now make it a point to use it right before bed every night. And let me tell you, after using it consistently for just a few weeks, I could notice my neck's bothersome fat significantly decreasing, giving me a more defined and sculpted appearance. In addition, I noticed that my skin had more tone and firmness." - Nora Dellington

Why do we Wake up with Puffy Faces?

Waking up with a puffy face is a frequent indication of insufficient fluid redistribution and blood circulation. Especially if you've been laying in one position for a long time. This decreased circulation can cause fluid to collect in certain locations, including the face. 

Morning facial puffiness occurs when fluid accumulates in the soft tissues of the face during sleep, leading to puffiness upon waking. This can also result in facial asymmetry, as one side of the face may experience swelling, causing the left and right sides to appear uneven and affecting one's overall appearance.

Skin Sagging: Know more about

As we grow older, our skin begins to lose its youthful suppleness and firmness. This is due to two reasons: Insufficient blood flow and ineffective lymphatic drainage. They can result in weakened or atrophied muscles, causing a buildup of fluids and fats in the tissues and ultimately contributing to face swelling and sagging.

What is EMS Electronic Technology Treatment?

EMS technology has the capability to stimulate blood circulation through electric currents, fostering improved blood flow at the muscle cream's base and directly boosting lymphatic activities. This stimulation aids in fortifying and supporting facial muscle tissue, concurrently eliminating excess fat tissue within the skin, reducing the appearance of  sagging skin, rendering the skin of the face and neck noticeably firmer. Moreover, it contributes to lifting asymmetrical facial areas, ensuring effective and comprehensive treatment outcomes.

  How does GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device works?

The GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device employs low-level electrical currents through EMS Electronic Technology to stimulate facial muscles. Designed with the purpose of enhancing muscle tone, reducing excess fat, tightening the skin, and sculpting a more defined facial contour, this device targets specific regions of the face and neck. Its goal is to address facial asymmetry and promote an overall refined appearance.

Tightens and Lift Excess Fats

GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device stimulates the face muscles and improves skin tone and texture by using low-level electrical currents and by increasing collagen production. Collagen is a protein that gives the skin structure and is linked to skin suppleness. These devices attempt to contribute to a more youthful and tighter skin look by boosting collagen formation.

Improves blood circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

Our EMS beauty device goes a step further by integrating electromagnetic wave physiotherapy technology. This feature enhances both blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The outcome is an improved flow of oxygenated blood to our muscles, enhancing their efficiency. Consequently, this process aids in the removal of fluids and fats from the skin tissues, contributing to a more rejuvenated and toned appearance.

Contractions induced by EMS can also kickstart our lymphatic system, encouraging the release of lymph fluid. This proves advantageous in reducing swelling and enhancing the overall function of our lymphatic system. It becomes a valuable approach for addressing facial asymmetry and achieving that coveted V-face effect.

 Corrects Facial Asymmetry

GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face technology employs electrical impulses to improve muscle tone and strength in the face. This has the potential to significantly reduce the appearance of facial asymmetry. Our EMS method encourages muscle development and improves overall facial symmetry by stimulating the weaker side of the face. It not only enhances blood flow and circulation to the face muscles, but it also results in a more bright and healthier complexion.

What makes GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device Special?

✅ EMS Electronic Technology Treatment

✅ Muscle Activation and Stimulation

✅ Enhances and Improves Blood Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage

✅ Firms and Lifts Sagging Skin

✅ Restore Facial Symmetry

✅ Convenience: Portable and Compact Device

 Here are some of our Happy Customers


"My face has always been slightly uneven since I slept on my side. One side of my chin was more noticeable than the other, and it was extremely bothering me. It impacted my self-esteem and caused me to feel self-conscious. In an attempt to attain a more balanced chin, I chose to test the GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device. And I have to admit that after taking it for only a few weeks, I could see an obvious improvement in my facial symmetry. My face muscles are more defined and harmonious looking thanks to the device's assistance in toning and shaping them." - Desiree Monroe


"I've always suffered with the terrible puffiness in the mornings. Every morning appeared to bring with it a challenge - a face that seemed more like a balloon than anything else. I was looking for a way out and was frustrated until I came across the GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device. I had no idea that it would make my mornings look amazing and sculpted. The device immediately became an indispensable part of my daily routine. Not only did I enjoy the physical advantages of that daily activity, but I also found myself looking forward to its therapeutic elements. The calming vibrations turned into a self-care session where I could treat myself for a short while before starting the day." - Beverly Finley

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