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GFOUK™ Wire Connector Without Crimping

GFOUK™ Wire Connector Without Crimping

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Revolutionize Your Wiring: Connect and Seal Wires Effortlessly, Without Crimping or Terminals!

With this innovative solution, you can achieve secure, reliable connections and watertight seals effortlessly, making your wiring tasks more straightforward and time-saving. Whether you're a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast, this technology will transform the way you work with wires, ensuring a hassle-free experience every time.

It features an exclusive dual-walled configuration, comprising polyolefin tubing on the exterior and hot melt adhesive within. Upon the application of heat, the tubing contracts and effectively connects the cables.

Our unique dual-walled connectors come with a convenient color-coded tubing system, making it a breeze to select the perfect connector for any application. No need to guess; just measure your wire and consult the wire size chart on the box to ensure a precise fit. 

The GFOUK™ Wire Connector Without Crimping boasts exceptional high resistance strength, making it a standout solution for secure and durable wire connections. Its robust design and materials guarantee that wires remain firmly joined, even under heavy loads or adverse conditions, while eliminating the risk of loosening or failure.

Whether for professional installations or emergency situations, our solder ensures robust wire connections that eliminate the risk of wires slipping out from the terminal. Count on the strength and security of melted solder to maintain dependable connections, ensuring your projects are built to last, even in critical scenarios.

Usage Directions

1. Prepare wires.

2. Select correct heat shrinkable butt connector.

3. Strain the wires and fix it into the prefluxed solder sleeve.

4. Evenly heat the connector by heat gun until absolutely melted and fully recovered.

5. Remove the connector from heat gun and wait it cooled.

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