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GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses

GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses

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Have you ever imagined that a pair of spectacles can be used for both farsightedness and nearsightedness at the same time?

Why Do Eyes Have Hyperopia & Myopia?

When light enters the eye, it is refracted through the cornea and crystal before reaching the retina. For people with vision problems, light is not refracted correctly, resulting in blurred vision. Corrective lenses work by bending light in a way that compensates for the refractive error and focuses the light onto the retina. Eyewear with adjustable lenses uses various mechanisms to allow the wearer to adjust the focus of the lens. GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses use a sliding mechanism to change the distance between the two lenses to focus.

"When light enters the eye, the cornea and lens refract it before reaching the retina. Individuals with vision issues experience improper refraction, leading to blurred vision. Corrective lenses function by altering the path of light, compensating for the refractive error and directing light onto the retina. Glasses with adjustable lenses employ various mechanisms to enable wearers to modify lens focus. GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses utilize a sliding mechanism that alters the distance between the two lenses for focusing." - Dr. Jason Baucom, Ophthalmologist

The Scientific Foundation of GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses

GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses have an optical diopter to correct vision at certain distances, and adjustable lens glasses are glasses that allow the wearer to adjust the focus of the lens to the desired location. The combination of multiple lenses in one pair of spectacles facilitates smooth focusing without the need to change lenses. The science behind these lenses is based on the principles of refraction and adjustment. 

Adjustable Dual Lens Technology

GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses feature an easy-to-adjust lens system that includes a minus sign (-) on the right side of the adjustment wheel if you are nearsighted and have difficulty seeing objects at a distance. If you are farsighted and have difficulty seeing clearly at close distances, the left side of the rotating adjustment wheel will contain a (+) degree. Lens strength is measured in diopters. Seamless transition from positive lenses to negative lenses or normal 0 lenses. Instantly experience sharp focus for both near and distance vision without the need for multiple pairs of glasses.

ZisleyLens UV Protection

ZisleyLens UV Protection protects the eyes by absorbing harmful UV rays up to 400 nm. Clear lenses with ZisleyLens UV protection protect your eyes as effectively as premium sunglasses.

Blue Light Blocking Technology

Anti-blue light technology is integrated into the clear lens material of ZisleyLens eyewear. Blocking up to 40% of potentially harmful blue light and providing full UV protection, these lenses offer a dynamic double layer of protection for your eyes. These lenses are perfect for any situation where you need to focus at a fixed distance for long periods of time. These lenses are perfect for any situation where you need to focus at a fixed distance for long periods of time.

TR90 Optician-Grade Frame Material

GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses are crafted from premium optician-grade plastic frames. These frames are not only flexible but also durable, ensuring a comfortable fit for various face shapes.

Discover Feedback From Our Validated Customers

“I purchased the GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses for myself, typically wearing glasses only when working on the computer. As I've aged, reading has become challenging, and I sought a solution without the need for frequent prescription changes. Discovering these adjustable glasses was truly a relief, and I'm thrilled with the flexibility they offer. The ability to adapt the focus without a prescription not only provides convenience but also saves me a significant amount of money, given the rapid changes in my vision grade. Overall, these glasses have been a happy find for my specific needs.” - Dave Connell

“We initially got glasses for my daughter because she struggled with reading in class. However, even with regular glasses, she faced difficulty due to her vision fluctuating throughout the day. The GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses have made a remarkable difference. With their adjustable feature, my daughter can now see perfectly at any time, especially during her classes. These glasses have proven to be a valuable solution in improving her!” - Shirley Smith

What Makes This GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses Be The GREAT CHOICE?

Adjustable Dual Lens Technology: Effortlessly switch between +, -, and 0 lenses with our adjustable focus glasses, providing instant sharp vision for various distances without the need for multiple pairs.

Visual Acuity: Correct hyperopia and myopia with our versatile focus-adjustable glasses, offering tailored vision correction for individual needs.

Adjustable Frame: Customize the frame for a comfortable fit, eliminating traditional pressure points for a personalized and enjoyable wearing experience.

Cost Savings: Opt for cost-effective vision correction with GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses, requiring only one pair instead of multiple, simplifying and saving on eyewear expenses.

TR90 Material: Crafted from flexible and durable TR90 material, our glasses ensure comfort and longevity for diverse face shapes.

Most Versatile: Redefine versatility with GFOUK™ ZisleyLens German Auto Focus Glasses, seamlessly fitting into daily activities like reading or using a computer. The hidden dial allows for effortless focus changes, making one pair suitable for various tasks.

Suitable for Multiple Users: Ideal for men, women, and the elderly, our focus-adjustable reading glasses provide a comfortable and personalized visual experience for all.

Usage Directions

Remember: Temperatures above 80 °C will damage even the strongest lenses and frames. Prolonged exposure to the temperature of a steam bath or the sunlight on the dashboard of your car is not appropriate for cases and lenses.

Cleaning advice: Your first choice for cleaning your lenses is to use microfiber cloths. They will remove grease and moisture without scratching your lenses or leaving marks. To clean your lenses, first rinse them under running water to remove dust and coarse debris. Then, add neutral pH detergent to the water, rinse again, and gently dry the lenses with a microfiber cloth (never rub). Do not wash the microfiber cloth above 40° C and do not add softener, as this will leave your cloth streaked the next time you clean your lenses!


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